This website has been created to publicly reply to the lies, fake news, threats, defamations, illegal claims, and cyberbullying that is right now happening in a series of online articles and social media posts.

On this page, we will tell the whole story, because it is important that these kinds of cyber criminals need to be stopped. They need to understand that the Internet is not a place outside the law, but a part of the real world.

They infringe the constitutional rights of individuals, minorities, non-profit organizations, companies, and even sovereign entities. They play with and destroy wealth, health, and lives. They must be stopped, and we will stop them!

But let us tell the story from chapter one for those of you who missed it:

On September 1, 2022 a event was held in Dubai, organized by an acknowledged non-profit NGO and a sovereign charitable entity to celebrate a milestone they have reached together:


2 days later, an article has been published on a website that titled itself ‘India’s First International News Journal’ and goes by the name ‘The Eastern Herald’:


The author, Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, at the same time editor and founder of the Eastern Herald, explained in the article that he was present at the event. He claims that after the event he has done some extensive research and in-depth investigation to learn more about the YEM Coin, a digital currency which is on the market and officially represented since 2017 by the non-profit NGO named YEM Foundation, and the Bank Bene Merenti, the brand new central bank of the Sovereign Order Bene Merenti, a charitable organization, that has been established in 1932 with sovereign status since 2002.

We were shocked to read a series of false claims, defamations, lies, and such, and so we contacted the author immediately after being aware through his WhatsApp #, which he published under the article. Here is our first letter to him after we explained in a personal chat and talk where and why he is wrong:

As one can see, we have been very calm and very respectful, because we still believed that it all was just a misunderstanding or misinterpretation.

Mr. Bajwa confirmed receipt, asked some questions, expressed his understanding, and promised to think about a solution. We set a deadline for Monday, Sep 5, 2022, 10pm Dubai time, because there was a webinar announced to inform the YEM Holders about the Dubai event, and of course we would have to address the article. We even invited him to be present on the webinar and to explain his point.

Long story short, he decided around 2pm, Sep 5, to ignore our requests for updates, and nothing has been published from his side to clarify the situation. Thus, the next morning, we wrote a second letter to him:


As expressed in our second letter, we simply claimed our right of reply, but they ignored it.

Interestingly, the Easter Herald claims on their website:



And this is how they follow their own ethical guidelines:

They refer to hundreds of YEM Holders complaining about their article through WhatsApp.

We informed them that we are now taking legal action as announced, which obviously triggered them to throw out more lies, more cyber-bullying, more fake news, more harassments:


Of course, we are not surprised that it is just another news outlet that is run by the same people:

And now they are starting their cyber-bullying attack versus the signer of the 2 official letters, Dan Settgast, the Vice President of YEM Foundation:



Update September 8, 2022

Today we had some very interesting meetings with law firms in India, Europe, Africa, and the U.S.. We learned a lot about how cyber criminals like those who threaten and defame us can be easily prosecuted and charged even in countries they might have never been before. For example, the YEM Foundation is registered in Nevada, thus, by Nevada law, we can sue any cyber criminal who is attacking the foundation in Nevada. The court will decide even without hearing them, just based on the facts.

CLICK HERE to read the story about a guy from Estonia:

Cybercriminal Sentenced for Online Fraud Schemes

"An Estonian man was sentenced today to 66 months in prison for his years-long role in furthering and facilitating computer intrusions, the movement of fraudulently obtained goods and funds, and the monetization of stolen financial account information. He also participated in ransomware attacks causing over $53 million in losses and was ordered to pay over $36 million in restitution. According to court documents, Maksim Berezan, 37, of Estonia, who was apprehended in Latvia and extradited to the United States, pleaded guilty in April 2021 to conspiracy to commit wire fraud affecting a financial institution and conspiracy to commit access device fraud and computer intrusions.""

It is a fact: the USA has the power to get people apprehended and extradited from many countries all around the world. And the damage caused by the Eastern Herald and all the other ‘news outlets’ is by far higher than 53 million USD. Rest assured that we will go behind every single website that is spreading the fake news about us and Bank Bene Merenti. The lawyers asked us not to publish any evidence before their ‘cease and desist’ letters are sent, which could happen tomorrow. We don’t want to give the bad guys a hint.


Update September 9, 2022

Today we contacted the first Governmental Law Enforcement Agencies in 4 countries:

Dubai, India, USA, and Bangladesh.

All of them declared full support and we started to file the first cases. Additionally, we set up a team that is collecting all the info about the criminal network of websites that is spreading the fake news.

No matter if they are located in Indonesia, in Turkey, in Nigeria, in Uganda, or any other country, all of them will be reported to the prosecutors in charge.


Update September 12, 2022

We hired the internationally accredited law firm Maheshwari and Co.

They drafted the Legal Notice for Cease and Desist letter, which has now been sent to the culprits at the Eastern Herald.

Below you can find some excerpts from that letter. We are not allowed to publish the full letter for legal reasons. Here are some quotes you may find interesting.


Update September 13, 2022

Today we followed up with lawyers coordinating the next steps with them and we followed up with legal authorities for their next steps as well.


Update September 14, 2022

Obviously, the cybercriminals decided not to remove their fake news, lies, and defamations within the given timeframe. Thus, the decision has been made to escalate the case and to file a lawsuit at an Indian court. At the same time, legal enforcement Authorities in at least 5 different countries are aware of their criminal activities. Now they are following their protocols with results to be expected soon.


Update September 16, 2022

Obviously, the first fake articles about YEM and our partners have been removed, but we won’t stop legal action against the cyber criminals until the full truth has been posted by them and all fake news has been removed.


Update September 19, 2022

During the weekend we have prepared documents and secured evidence for our lawyers and the legal enforcement authorities. It might take some time and will cost us some money and energy, but in the end the cybercriminals will be charged.


Update September 22, 2022

Work continued with our lawyers and authorities, we'll share more details once we are able soon.


Update September 23, 2022

Today we received interesting and valuable updates regarding our rights to initiate criminal investigations in multiple countries. In our next update on September 26, we will share some details.


Update September 26, 2022

While our team is focusing more and more on our projects, our legal team did a great job learning more about our options to have this criminal from Bangladesh being charged for breaking the law over and over again.

As you know, they claim that YEM Foundation is a ‘scam racket’ and head of a ‘scam cartel’. As you know as well, the YEM Foundation has been founded by 3,725 co-founders from all over the world. Thus, every co-founder has the right to file a criminal complaint in their country.

Now, all national law enforcement agencies will report to the Bangladesh Authorities, and even if they would not take any action, it will have huge consequences for the criminal individual. Travelling abroad and visiting any country outside Bangladesh could lead to immediate arrest right at the border.

We are preparing a set of evidence that can be used by all YEM Foundation co-founders for further action. Please wait until the next update before taking any action.


Update September 29, 2022

Our legal team is still collecting evidence, so that every YEM Foundation Co-Founder can report to their Authorities.


Update October 3, 2022

Work continues still with our legal team collecting evidence, so that every YEM Foundation Co-Founder can report to their Authorities.


Update October 4, 2022

Our legal team (law firms from 3 different countries) are still working on the best strategy for fast results. Additionally, we are in contact now with some journalists who are interested in the 'real' story of YEM.


This page has been updated at October 4, 2022 at 9.45pm Central European time, and will be updated again on October 7, 2022.

Stay tuned and thank you for your never ending support!


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